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We have a small, simple "night-light" or "mood light" lamp that used to have a "shade" made of patterned rice paper. It is somewhat Japonesque, just a cube frame standing on four long legs. I had recovered it with other patterned rice paper once, but it got torn a bit here and there and wasn't attractive. So, I wove a small piece to fit using some leftover warp from a scarf project. My weft was made of a gauzy scarf in grey and blues and a touch of brown, and one of my husbands old silk ties in light magenta with flecks of yellow, blues, whatnot. I cut both into thin strips, and when I did a pick of the gauzy fabric, almost always pulled it to beat rather than pushed it, so it would remain thin and flat instead of bunch up. It was pretty tedious and I had to pull them with a tapestry needle, pretty much in between every warp line to get it fairly close to the previous pick. The tie strips were easier to jockey down.

Before cutting it off the rest of the scarf material when taken off the loom, I used a bit of my paint studio's acrylic clear medium and painted a line so that when I cut it off it wouldn't unravel. Then I clipped it onto the frame top and bottom and hand sewed it with a whip stitch top and bottom and seamed the two ends folded under before trimming further.

I knew the fabric was pretty fragile and would fall apart if handled at all, so I used a paintbrush and coated the whole thing on both sides with the clear acrylic medium, letting each side dry completely before coating the other side. It did achieve the integrity I was hoping for and didn't change the color. And, you can see light through it just fine. However, I didn't calculate that the weight of the medium would make the fabric sag a bit before it dried, so the whole thing is a little on the wabi-sabi side.

But, mission accomplished. Now I can move on to my next quirky project. And my hubby likes it, so there ya go.


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