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Lap afghan

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Hi I am from Illinois. What is considered a good size for a lap afghan. Our church makes shawls for people in the church who are ill or lost a family member. I would like to knit a lap robe for men or wheel chair bound people.
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Blanket sizes:

Lovey 10"x10" Throw 52"x60"
Security 14"x17" Twin 59"x85"
Stroller 30"x35" F/Q 90"x90"
Receiving 40"x40" Super Q 96"x94"
Toddler 42"x52" King 108"x90"
Swaddler 47"x47"

Someplace within these number combinations is a good lap blanket.
Doris Bryant, some of the easiest knitting patterns for blankets:
1. garter stitch borders all around and stockinette in the middle.
2. seed stitch borders all around and stockinette stitch in the middle.
3. basketweave pattern with border of garter stitch
4. expansion of the diagonal washcloth pattern
5. check Ravelry for easy patterns
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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