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Here's a pattern that uses sock yarn to create "quilt squares"
Here is the pattern for the squares for the Barnstorming afghan.

Takes 3000 yards of sock yarn.
72 yards per square.
42 squares.
Each square is 7.5 inches

Pattern is written for double pointed needles. Size 1 or 2. Whatever will give you the 7.5 inch square I am using size 2. Starting out on 2 16" circular needles and switching to longer needles as square gets bigger. Just easier for me and I had the needles, so why not.

CO 12 stitches (divide onto 4 6" double pointed needles or 2 circular needles)

Round 1: Knit
Round 2: *K1, yo, place marker (pm), K1, yo, K1; repeat from * around. 20 stitches
Round 3: Knit
Round 4: *knit to marker, yo, slip marker (sm) to next needle; K1, yo, Knit to end of needle; repeat from * around.

Repeat Rounds 3 & 4 eighteen times. 172 stitches. (43 stitches each needle)
Knit 1 Round.
BO all stitches loosely.
Note: As square grows, move beginning of round marker as necessary.

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I have been thinking about making a sweater or a vest with left over yarns. Planning to use a "normal" pattern and switching yarns whenever I feel like it. I thought I would knit the back in black, and wear the article with black pants or a skirt. Would ths work with your left over sock yarn?
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