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little girl's shrug

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I'd like to make a little shrug for my granddaughter's First Communion and would like to know if anyone has a SIMPLE pattern for me to follow. The date is May 7th so I need to work fast. Thank. :?:
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Try going to like; or knittingpatterncentral; or
Almost all yarns have their own websites with free patterns; such as;

Good luck - hope you find what you are looking for

Blessings, Linda
The May issue of Creative Knitting has a pattern for a child's shrug (they call it a bolero) It is a short sweater, no buttons and short sleeved. it sound like what your looking for. it does have a knitted in pattern but if that is more than you can handle just knit it plain following the the shaping. Good luck and happy knitting :) Kaju
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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