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Looking for easy plus and super plus size patterns

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I'm looking for some patterns for clothing I could actually wear myself. Nothing too fancy as I would rate easy+ as my skill level. The problem I find is that I can not find patterns in my size as I am quite large (4X or so) and I have NO idea how to go about increasing the size in a pattern. Does anybody know of a good source for plus or super-plus size clothing patterns for something like a vest or sweater that I could try? Please let me know if you have any suggestions!
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I too am a plus sized female and I agree that patterns are difficult to find. There is a book out there called "Big Girl Knits" Not only does it have patterns, but it tells you how to increase patterns to fit a larger sized female. Hope this helps!
oops! Forgot to add this...This is an excellent blog for the plus sized knitter. She has many many free patterns and tips.
thanks for infor. i didnt ask the question, but im a Plus size too.
I found a few patterns over on that have 1X and 2X directions in the pattern. I'm actually working on one of them right now,
here is another one
there are more these are just a couple of them.
I found good patterns for larger sizes at

Annies Attic
I noticed on the back page of Annie's Attic catalog there is a pattern book called: Perfectly Plus, 15.95.

SEA (Nancy)
I've been "lurking" for a couple of weeks and have gleaned some really nice patterns and ideas from you all. The other night I found a site called "" which has patterns and links to other sites. Mostly basic sweaters, but very useful. Maybe you'll find what you want there. Why pay for patterns when there are so many free ones on the net? Lion Brand is good, and there are some reasonably simple patterns on Vogue Knits, too. Hope this helps.
just a thank you to dragonkeeper....great info...
so GLAD you asked this question....all the ladies who answered gave me tons of pretty pix and choices that i hadn't had before... i loved the plus size site... super nice download with 8 sweaters big enough for me that cost again...

ps...i have the dawn french (big girl comedian) plus size book and while you might think some of the sweater colors and colorblocking looked a bit dated...their size and shape are easily adaptable to our new color and texture choices....well worth the price and you might find one on amazon that was used... i wouldn't balk at a used pattern book since they are not really used that much...just an FYI's the site for her book...used ones start at 1.54 ...
You're more than welcome! I'm always on the hunt for plus sized patterns that don't look like someone cut holes in an old sack. Just because we are plus sized does not mean we don't want to look cute too!
If it's something simple that you want to make just use larger size needles or hooks.
Many patterns go to 1x, if you use a needle three times or more larger you will get a much larger piece (4x) with no pattern changes needed.
This may not work for every pattern, but for the simple ones it's a great trick.

Good Luck
Kat M
I have a book called Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti & she teaches you how to design & knit sweaters to fit any size. you make your patterns to fit certain measurements for certain sweaters. This way the sweater will fit perfectly. It is really eash to follow & she really has a sense of humor while she teaches you. She has been a knitting teacher for many years. I am studying this book right now.
I forgot to add that there are several simple patterns that you learn to make
You girls are not only beautiful, you are awesome!!!
Wow, thank you all SO MUCH!! I've checked out the sites and looking for the books. So nice to find such a helpful group!
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