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Looking for Graph pattern of the Pittsburgh Steelers Logo

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does anyone know where to find the Pitsburgh steelers logo to be used in an afghan
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Good luck with that. I have been trying to find some Green Bay Packers graphs. Could only find one and it is afghan size. Way too big. I ended up having to make my own on graph paper. If you find a source, please let me know.


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I guess the only thing I acan do is graph my own from scratch
I have the logo and am going to try that
Oh how cute, will have to save the picture to make one myself for Packer season here in Wisconsin. GO PACK GO!!!
MochaJoe said:
I have one! Here it is. GO STEELERS!
Thanks a bunch. My second son is a BIG steelers fan. Since we have always lived in indiana..go figure. LOL. I can use this!
That is adorable! Me and my friends will go crazy if I can make a NY Jets one!!!!
Couldn't help myself.
Jean in Green Bay
Anybody have a pattern for the Vikings Horn?
K9trainer, What should I do with a dog that intimidated those who are afraid of her? She is a Shepard.
Teach her lie down and STAY. She is not allowed to intimidate anyone. If she growls or acts aggressive in anyway, she needs to be kenneled or put in another room.

I would do this with friends first. Put a collar and leash on her, make her lie down and step on the leash right at her throat so she can not raise her head more than 4 or 5 inches off the ground When she is good and I mean good, no growling or aggressive stares, she gets a really good human treat and praise. Something she really loves.
k9trainer, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! She has no intention of hurting anyone, she just likes to scare. When I yell,"Back off" she stops and walks away, but I have to each time. I get tired of having to tell her. I have 17 Chihuahuas that I thought she was guarding(she does) but does it when she is alone. I will do as you instructed and let you know how I'm doing in the chi-chat. THANKS so much.
Just remember to be consistant with praise and negative stuff. SHe needs to know when she is doing the right thing. That is so important. Let me know how it goes.
K9trainer, Thanks, I do praise her, maybe too much. Each time she comes when I call or moves when in the way,etc. I always tell her, "thank you, good girl", so maybe too much? I get real tough with my voice when she disobeys but I have NEVER hit her, don't ever want to. Anyway, so far you would think I did when I step on the leash. She cowers and whines. I am steel and don't give in.
I don't believe you can praise a dog too much. I always praise for come and still treat. That is a life saver command that I don't want them to ignore, so it is alway a celebration.

I can imagine she doesn't like being made to stay down when she wants to play her intimidation game. She probably gets a real chuckle out of intimidating people and you are ruining all her fun. Dogs are such a hoot. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Jean. I will do my best, and yes, she isn't very happy to sit still. Too much energy. Are females more bull headed or just my girl? I find dogs are very much like people. My girl is smarter than many of my grandchildren and it makes it harder to be patient, but I do.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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