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Looms for knitting socks

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Recently spent a month in the So Cal desert and me some wonderful knitters from BC. One had a vintage sock knitting
machine. Made me a pair of wonderful verigated socks. How do I go about locating one of these machines and then learn on it.
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I just bought an adjustable wooden loom for knitting socks from the web site they come with a how to dvd, instrustion paper & hook.
Fiber Inspirations also puts out nice sock looms. Their site was under construction yesterday though. I believe that if you just google "Fiber Inspirations sock loom" something should come up.
Thanks Lisa, I'll check it out. keep me posted on how you do, have you ever used a loom? I may be too old to learn?
I got a sock loom with dvd and tool from Hobby Lobby, it runs around $25, but is reasonable with their 40% off coupon. I have not used it yet, but I know several ladies who swear by theirs.
Hi! I've seen circular sock machines on eBay quite a bit but they range from $600 to $1000!! Pretty pricey! There are also some fun videos on YouTube showing a sock machine in action (fast forward even!) They make it look so simple...I'm sure it's not!
Good Luck!
Just purchased an Addi-Express by Selter from Amazon. A circular knitter with
a quick start Video. Will let you know how it works. Cost was $199.
Mine from the Authentic knitting board was $27.95 plus shipping. It comes in a plastic carry case with a hook instructions & DVD.
Am returning the Addi, video won't play on my Mac and don't think it makes
socks like I want.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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