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Marian E...Card Swap

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Thank You so much for the beautiful cards.
I am so excited about creating cards again...knitting and crochet has taken over my hobby time. Now my creative mojo is coming back.
I am thrilled to participate in this swap, a great place to learn new techniques, etc.
Kodos to Gloria aka Impatient Knitter for starting this swap!
Thanks again Marian. Here is a photo of my first card swap cards received!
Knit Diva
Sorry one of the cards is upside down didn't notice until I went to post! Aren't they beautiful...I love rubber stamping!!! :)


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Sorry Gloria I was the receiver of the cards from Marian E. I put her name in the topic so she would see it.
Great swap
Sgirley aka Knit Diva

impatient knitter said:
Thanks for posting, Marian! The cards are great looking!! Every time I see a picture posted, I want to throw down my lap-top and go into my craft room to make cards. Hmmmm...maybe that's why I keep having trouble with my computer?!?

I'm glad you're in the Swap, Marian. Looking forward to the "June" round!!

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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