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I found this bit of information last night on a scrap paper. I thought it may be useful to someone.
What do I do if my gauge does not match the gauge called for in the instructions?

Usually, a pattern will tell you haw many stitches makes a 4 inch width of knitting.

Let’s use this example: 14 stitches = 4 inches.

Without hesitation, cast on those 14 stitches and knit about 4 – 5 inches.
It’s so important to slide your unbound-off sample off the needle (having stitches sill on the needle can hold the piece and give an inaccurate measurement) and see that the piece of knitting is in fact 4 inches in width.

~If it is less than 4 inches, the knitting has to be made bigger, so use larger needles.

~If the piece is bigger than 4 inches, then make it smaller using smaller needles.

Mary in VT :thumbup:
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