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Maybe I love this yarn, but I HATE this pattern! (knit)

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This pattern is for a knitted "striped afghan". Its a pretty solid color with lengthwise stripes knitted in. I got the yarn at an auction so it might be old, but I couldn't find a Hobby Lobby pattern correction area online. Could you help, please?

CO 100
16 rows garter stitch
Row 17: 9p, 4k, * k2tog & yo, 3k, yo, k2tog * rep from 8 *to * 7 times; 4k, 9p

Is there a number missing? It says "repeat from 8", what 8?! Should it say k8 inside the * *? How many stitches would that be if you include a k8? No matter what I try, I cannot get 100 stitches!!! And that's only the 1st row! I'll limit this question to Row 17 for simplicity. Thank you for considering this. Following good knitting patterns thrills me!
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Repeat the pattern 8 to 7 times.Why is it written like that I do not know.
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