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Mind your "Language".

Your tongue (tone) can make or break any relationship.

Meaningful relationships are priceless pearls in our lives.
It takes years, hard labor, tolerance and patience to build any relationship.
But one harsh word or wrong choice of words or wrong tone can break what you have taken years to build - RELATIONSHIPS.
Our tongue, this boneless two inch piece of flesh in our mouth, can be our best friend or worst enemy.
'An arrow or word, once out, cannot be retrieved'.
Think before you ink.
Harsh and unkind words help no one, least of all you.
Sequence of such outbursts may start with 'harmless negative thoughts of seemingly no consequence' getting converted into spoken words, thus endorsing and stamping what has come to your mind to start with.
In fact, it's a long sequence.
Thought into words, spoken words getting converted into actions, repeated action into habits, bad or good habits become our character, good or bad, and finally, our character leading to our destiny.
This is unstoppable.
So, the best is to root out all negative thoughts or shun negativity from our mind to start with, which ultimately becomes our destiny.
Change the way you think, change the way you speak, have trust in God and in God, you will find everything, explicit faith which makes everything possible, hope which makes things work fine, harmony and meaning in our relationships, peace which will make a serene and tranquil setting for you in life and love, which makes everything beautiful.
Thus life cannot be lived better if you control that two inch boneless piece in our mouth.

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Very true, and even more so for the written communications.

Because we can't see facial expressions of the writer when reading comments posted in a message or on a forum, the words, meaning and intent can be interpreted in many ways.

Depending on the intention of the writer, the wording, and even the mood of the reader(s), what one person thinks is a helpful comment, another person can read as an insult.

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Once out there, it can never be taken back. Be careful: in writing no one can hear your voice, your tone, your inflections. A joke can sound like an insult. I can only write this way to my very best friends and my sister. They know me well enough to know I don't insult people.

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I have one daughter who won't let you un-say anything, so you'd better choose your words carefully when talking with her! It's easier to just stay quiet. This habit has led to her divorce also. But that's no big loss. He was abusive.
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