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[((((((( I'll get it in a bit, I think! LOL! They were OOS (out of stock) or just didn't have any listed when I peeked in a couple days ago.

Another I thing I do is put that item in FAV searches and newly listed date.

I've done their feedback already and tossed the packing materials, but here's another method to find them on Ebay:

*** Snag their handle from there
*** Save to FAV SELLERS & FAV Searches in process/later if you'd like.
****** BRB! (Be right back! LOL!!
I've got her/him in FAV SELLERS, too + FAV SEARCHES on crochet hook mini. They're the sellers with the mini knitting needles, too = 2" long; Size 3 or so.
Seller = heather_pinkfeather( 1850) 100% feedback.
*** I'm contacting this seller now to alert them to list more mini hooks as you are the third person who has contacted me for their handle. (Done.)

I'll repost a thread in New Topic, too = a copy of this post.

Have fun!

quote=Claudean]can you tell me the seller for this hook. I typed in mini crochet hook and couldn't find it. Thanks
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