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Minion headband

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Headbands for the girls. I think they still need something


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The quirky minion smile perhaps? Add another row or two of the yellow and stitch in the smile.
I think they are great as is.
A little white highlight in the black pupils?
Thank you. Will add both the highlight and a quirky smile
Would you be able to share the pattern?
Used the following pattern as a guide

Crochet Flower and Head Warmer {Free Pattern} by

Rows 1-3 follow pattern
On rows 4 & 5 use black
Rows 6-7 repeat row 2 of pattern
Row 8 repeat row 7 of pattern

For eye used pattern by

These are fast and easy to make.
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Thank you so much for the pattern source.
i like the two eyed one best. but your work is superb!
i like the two eyed one best. but your work is superb!
Thank you. I think that is the one I like too
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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