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Mitts on Demand

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My mother used to always say that she couldn't see the point of the fingerless mittens and gloves that I was knitting. "How could they possibly do anything to keep your hands warm with your fingers sticking out like that?" ...until one day a couple of years ago when she was complaining about her perpetually freezing hands and I made her put on a pair of my fingerless mittens to try. I never got that pair back. Oh well. I was never very fond of those mitts, anyway.

Now, having been converted to believe in the power of the fingerless mitt/glove, Mom is constantly jumping in to sing their praises any time she hears one of her friends complain about cold hands. And then she asks me to make said friend a pair. It was happening so frequently that I made a stash of them to keep on hand. When she came to me with another request recently, I went to retrieve my stash of pre-made mitts and could not find them, so I made this pair for her to give to her friend, Rachel. Of course, a few weeks later I found the stash of mitts that I had assumed had been depleted.

Pattern, yarn and my notes can be found here: Wristers for Rachel

Thanks for looking! :)
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I love making fingerless mitts ! Thanks for sharing your pattern!
I don't like fingerless.......I was constantly pulling them up to cover my rid of them!
Thank you for sharing, and all your notes. Added to my list of projects to knit
Good idea to keep a stash of them 'handy'. :sm02: Thanks for posting.
I really like the fingerless gloves and how the stripe in the yarn winds around your mitts! Nice
I have made a few. Gotta go look for them, packed somewhere????
Beautiful pattern.
Sweet mitts. :sm24:
I have fingerless mitts on right now, at my computer. The house is pretty cool in the early morning. I also use them driving.
I had fun following your links. Interesting reading and lovely mitts.
They are great. I have knitted some longer to cover more of my fingers and cuff when I don鈥檛 want fingers covered.
I LOVE making fingerless mitts! I've been making felted ones lately and my husband says they are so warm!
Good idea! Mom is great at keeping you busy.
I wear them too. I knitted bucketloads of them, also cowls and the copycat hats for all of the gals to choose at Christmas. They all went quickly and now finished some 'orders' for ear warmers using the cc design.
Your mitts are lovely, glad Mom enjoys them enough to share with others. I often put a long ribbed cuff at the top on mine, so if the owner wants to pull it over their fingers, they can. I do that with mine when walking on a cold morning, then roll back the cuff for the rest of the time.
Love the mitts thanks for sharing.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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