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As summer nears we can all look forward to visiting our local Farmer's Markets for fresh produce, breads, meats, etc.. Have you looked into finding yarn at a nearby market?

If you google Local Harvest you can "zero" in on Farmer's markets and Farm Markets and find ones that have "fiber".

In Chicago I used to frequent the Green City Market, where a family from Michigan brought their lovely hand spun and dyed yarn. Here in Colorado I find that yarn at Farmers Markets is very common. The market in the town I live in has a woman who raises sheep, spins the yarn and sells it at VERY reasonable prices. Another market up the road has a cashmere yarn vendor...with fantastic prices!

Will you find every color..probably not..what you will find is a local artisan to support. Can't you just see the look on Aunt Beth's face when she opens a gift this Holiday season to find a scarf you knitted just for her from yarn from YOUR home town?

The Local Harvest site also has a section where you can order lovely yarn, roving and fleece! There's sections on food products, beauty products, spices, honey...all very natural and reasonably priced.
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