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Mother-in-laws unfinished bedspread/tablecloth

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My mother-in-law passed away in 1977. During the time she was here she "raised hogs". Yes, that is true. Of course, accidents happen and she fell and broke her hip and stayed with my family during the healing. She told me about this crocheted piece but she would not get it out so maybe we could have finished it. Over the years I often wondered what happened to it.

One night very late here came my nephew with a "lard" can and it contained this piece. This was late summer 2011. Yesterday, 8-21-12 I decided I would open this up and take a look. It didn't exactly smell like mothballs but it did have quite an order. I hung it out on the clothes line all day. I had to use almost a whole pkg. of clothes pins to hold it good. I am debating on whether to try and wash it in cold water. After airing it out all day I put in in a blanket bag with a couple of sheets of downy. There was a ball of crochet thread in the can. Clarks Boilfast Cotton Bedspread. The newspaper in bottome of can was dated 8-1-68. It is surprisingly in very good conditon but NO PATTERN. She had made some other motifs and left a small rolled ball of yarn attached to each one.

I am sharing this story for two reasons. Many of you, and me included, have unfishised items. I will, from now on put a pattern with my unfinished items. And would any of you knitters/crocheters know of this particular pattern. I know that would be a longshot. Also, in storing an WIP, keep it very clean and try as best you can to keep it odor free.

A pattern that would give me an idea of how to finish it off would be helpful as well. I am going to enclose some pics. I know this is a long piece but I


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That is beautiful,yes i agree that we should remember to put the pattern in and wrap it up well,i use a lot of acid free tissue paper for putting things in.
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