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My Cardi knit with hand dyed alpaca

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I finally finished my Elda Cardigan designed by Vera Sanon. I used Annadele's Alpaca & silk blend in a DK. I actually had finished this sweater 2 wks ago and and was getting ready to block and saw a small brown spot on it and when I brushed it away there was a hole and a stink bug laying by it. We have had a terrible time with those things. They don't eat things but can make holes with there legs. I tried to repair it with kitchner stitch but wasn't pleased with it and ended up taking it out up to the sleeves and reknitting it. But finally here it is. Hope you enjoy looking at it. The pattern was purchased on Raverly.


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Classy! I love it! It was worth frogging to the hole! It is stunning
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