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Roslyn17 said:
Have just finished my second Gonk and am quite pleased with them both. The pattern was from Lynx. They are so quick and easy to do and a change from heavier projects. I've bough yarn now for lots more thinking they will make cute gifts.
So lovely to see your picture Roslyn. They are really cute. I'm glad you found the pattern easy to follow.
Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your gonks. Sounds like there will be lots of them in the near future


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I will bookmark this pattern to use up all my bits and pieces of fun fur. Thanks for posting.

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Found this free pattern on line.

Material required:

50grams Ice yarn eyelash yarn (or similar brand)
3.25mm knitting needles
pair of 12mm safety eyes (or felt shapes)
12 mm safety nose (or felt shape)
darning needle for sewing.

Pattern (this can be done in either garter or stocking stitch )

Cast on 12 stitches
Work 8 rows garter or stocking stitch.
At the end of 8th row cast on 12 stitches and knit all stitches on needle,then cast on 12 stitches and knit(purl if all stitches on needle.
Work 40 rows in garter or stocking stitch.
Cast off, leaving a long end for sewing.

Making up:

Fold in half and sew back edges together (fold purl side together if done in stocking stitch).
Sew base to bottom edge, making sure the back seam is centred on the base.
Turn right side out (this is the purl side for stocking stitch) and stuff firmly.
Decide where to place your eyes and nose and mark the places lightly with a pen.
If using safety eyes and nose insert them and fasten with washers, placing a little of the stuffing round the post first.
Sew the top edge ensuring the back seam is centred.
If using felt for the eyes and nose sew them on firmly.
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