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My knitting projects

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thank you it was a fun project
Your work is beautiful. Did you make these for some one special? Or is it the love of the yarn in your hands. I knit to be knitting. Some one will ask who that for I say I do not know yet. Your work is beautiful. Thanks for shareing.
Some of the items I'm stock piling for my future grand children lol Most are gifts for precious little ones under production. My Niece is expecting.
Too precious! Great job. Thanks for showing us.
Carol L.
im just amazed there all so perfectly done you do wonderful work! I couldnt even pick a favorite i love them all!
Really pretty -- you must knit very quickly and work really hard to complete so many nice items.
OMG!! these all so lovely!!! i wouldnt b asble to pick a favorite either..they all show superb craftsmenship!!!..great talent! thank u 4 sharing them all!!!!
Darling!!!!! I love them all, but the sailor outfit....soooo cute!
My goodness what a great job.Those are simply beautiful. knitpic67
I love the boats too.

Carolyn are so talented. Very nice. :thumbup:
I love the vintage patterns!! These are very cute ;)
Love the outfits, so pretty
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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