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My new mitts design - looking for naming ideas

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I have just finished a new design for fingerless gloves and I'm going to write down the pattern soon.

As usual, my problem is, that I can't think of an interesting name.
So, any idea would be welcome.

Thanks in advance!


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How about "Wear With Everything Mitts"? Love the colors!
How pretty!

How about...Fire 'n Ice....or Earth, Wind & Fire
Autumn woods
Oh, I like them! How about "wandering woods"?
I see the Grand Canyon at night when I look at the colouring

not a creative name person but maybe someone else can embellish on this idea ...

BTW--the mitts are stunning !!!!!!!

Eta: Ha! Didn't see the reply right before mine! I guess great minds from Seattle think alike! :D ;)
Awesome colors! I like several of the names suggested. Definitely an autumn or woodsy name.
Very nice! Sideways Mitts has already been used, but there have been several good names already suggested. Maybe, "Not your usual mitts"?
Wow - fifteen answers in less than half an hour. I'm impressed.

Thank you all! Now I'm spoiled for choice ;)

I really like the woodsy, earthy names, but I like Strata as well (besides the geological meaning, it has a Terry Pratchett ring as well :)

And the other names e.g. "Road less traveled" are great as well.
azmoonbugs said:
Tree bark!
Omg, I cannot believe it I was thinking the same :p
1 - 20 of 91 Posts
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