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My son gets married TODAY

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I will post pictures.
This is my gentle giant, the nature lover.

I am a very happy mom today
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SylviaC said:
I will post pictures.
This is my gentle giant, the nature lover.

I am a very happy mom today
The wedding was great, had a wonderful time, got a sunburn. 32 C and no shade. At least the reception was indoors but no air conditioning. I may have lost a couple of pounds.

Attaching a few photos. I guess I need a new camera as not too many look good.
Fortunately, I will be getting a disc from the photographer so I will have lots to look at - will not bore you guys to death though by posting any more.

What is really weird is that apart from the three I have posted, the photos that turned out best were the ones with my ex husband in them...:lol:


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Thank you all for your compliments and good wishes for my son and his new wife. I will pass them along to them.
I had lots of time to post because they would not let me do anything to help. All I did was make the ring bearers pillow. Photo will be in the pictures section.
Our side of the family consisted of me, my boys, their father and his significant other. The rest of our 'side' was all of his friends of which there are many. I had so much fun 'catching up' with his friends from when he was a teenager. I was hugged so many times by handsome young men that I was getting dizzy, and they kept coming back for more hugs. Made me feel really good.
The wedding was amazing, they did everything themselves and there were birdcages on every table. Instead of wedding favours we all got a 'soup in a jar' that Dale put together with his own recipe. I got to bring home a birdcage too. :)
The only two bad parts were the heat and no A/C and lots of humidity in the hangar where the reception was, and the mosquitoes because we kept the doors open...
I think that their father would have liked to stay for the whole thing but his lady friend wanted to leave soon after the meal so I did not have to dance with him, which I was dreading but was willing to do for Dale. I did sit with them for a short time for courtesy but it was not easy. My youngest son was at their table so they had a good visit.
My two youngest sons left early too which disappointed Dale a bit, but they did have valid reasons so it was OK. Just happy that they were there for the ceremony, and the meal.
Dale has been their caretaker his whole life much to their annoyance because he lectures which makes me laugh. I have tried to tell him to let go, they are adults, but he wants them to be as happy as he is now.
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SDKATE57 said:
Congratulations! My oldest son got married last November, 2011....he is my gentle is such a warm moment in a mom's heart. Take tissues...I promised I wouldn't shed a tear, but darn if one didn't escape.
I did take tissues but I didn't need them. I was just so happy and the train going by made us all laugh - we had to wait a while to continue so the tears had dried up at that point.
In fact my face was aching from smiling so much, I think I had a grin on my face almost the whole day.
Joan Thelma said:
Linday said:
Congratulations. I wish I could have felt that way the day my son married.
My oldest son was only 20 years old when he married Julie, a girl he had only dated for about 6 months.

I gave this marriage about 3 months before they would split, her mother gave it 6 months before it would fall apart.

They got married in a Church, all the gowns were homemade (but beautiful)and we had a potluck reception at my parents summer home outside. I bought them a Wedding Cake, all the guests brought various foods, and the punch was spiked.

I broke down and cried like a baby when the Bride and Groom left on their Honeymoom (Lake George for the weekend) as it marked the fact for me that he would not be coming back to my home to live with me again.

Now, 37 years later, along with 5 of the most loved and nicest children, they are still in love with each other, and act like they are still on their Honeymoon!!!!

I am so happy that Mom did NOT know best!!!!!
Lovely story, thank you for sharing.
I believe this marriage will last as they were really good friends before they started dating and have been together for over 4 years now.
They have so much in common - they both love Halloween. So much so -well take a look at the cake topper. Not my choice but it was theirs. I had to laugh when I saw it.


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Wow, thanks for all of these comments, you have me blushing. :oops: :oops:
Yes my new DIL is really awesome. After many 'interesting' girlfriends, I was so happy to meet Kathryn and that he had finally met Miss Right.
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