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Naming problem

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Hi all,
I've just designed a new pair of crochet fingerless gloves that I want to publish in a few weeks. The photo shows the first prototype that will be slightly adapted but not changed as to its looks.
However, I cannot think of a catchy name for the pattern. So I thought I'd ask here if somebody has better ideas than I have.
Thanks in advance.


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Around We Go!
Had another thought - Fantasia Mitts
They look fantastic lovely work, they remind my of a fun fair such as an (helter skelter)
'Raspberry Swirl'. I love them, they're beautiful, always admire people who can just turn their hand to designing. Your brains are amazing!!!

Leanna x
Dear "fisherman", I appreciate the linguistic aspect. Very interesting as I myself am a linguist.
How about "twisted mitts " ?
Sun-ray. Sunrise. Sunset. Aurora Borealis. Aurora. Star burst. Eclipse. Good luck with naming your lovely fingerless gloves.
No name suggestions, but just have to say, that the mitts are really pretty and I am looking forward to you posting your pattern.
Swirl with a Purpose was my first thought. Be sure and let us know what you eventually name them. Quite interesting!
Kaleidoscope came to mind the second I saw them
21 - 40 of 99 Posts
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