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Need headband pattern

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I'm new to knitting, and have seen a simple headband that is thicker at the top of the head, then thins a bit and closes with a button, for outdoor use. Can anyone help me with a simple pattern?
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Is the button closure at the top of the head at widest part?
First measure your head, that is the measurement you want it to fit. Make it a little smaller than that measurement(an inch +), so it has some snugness to fit.
Cast on however many stitches wide you would like it, say 2-4 inches. Continue knitting in a garter stitch(or any stitch you like) till evenly in the middle of the headband( 1/2 of head measurement). Then at this middle place, decrease for 3 or 4 inches so headband is narrower in the back . Increase again evenly to finish the headband .Adding a buttonhole in the 4th row from the end . Bind off. Add a neat vintage button.
Here is a site to check out:

scroll down page a bit - you will come to:

Ear Warmers - Versions 1 & 2

They do not have bottons on them though. I have made Version 1 and I love it for outdoor wear!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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