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Need help with baby onsie

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Hi Folks! am making the fiber fervor baby onesie and am stuck at the point where I move stitches from the DPN to the circulars. The directions say to "begin by putting the 12 stitch section on a DPN"...what 12 stitch section would that be? I can't tell from the photo if all...but the last 12 stitches were knitted over onto the circulars first and then those 12 were transferred?!?...but the "rows" go from 20 to 21...which to me means there was no knitting done during the transfer?
Clearly my left handed brain is stuck deep in mud here :cry:
Can anyone help? Would be so grateful!
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Good golly, Look you see me in the mud also??
I am beating this scarf pattern to death. I just think my "counting"brain is on vaca!! I can't get more than 2 rows without an OOPs.
Sorry I can't help with the onsie, never made one. But feel better you are not alone.
Would love the pattern fo the onsie, New babys jusr keep happening around here.
Here is the link to the pattern.
OK, I think I can save you from the mud. If you hold your work up in front of you (right side facing you). Now take 12 stitches from the right hand side and put those on a dpn. Now bring your circular needles together as if to knit with the dpn with 12 stitches on it in the back of your work. Then begin knitting, taking 1 stitch from the left hand side along with one stitch from the dpn and knit those together. Do this for the remaining 11 sts, you are now joined in the round. (You just made the flap closure on that row). Now continue the pattern.

I hope this helps.
Thank you Hendrika for your help. One more question?...have I already transferred all the stitches to the circulars..and then taken the first 12 stitches off the right hand needle to the dpn?....I can feel my nose rising out of the mud!
You're almost there! Sorry, I assumed that you had started with the circulars, I didn't realize that you were working the pattern on straight needles. That's why the pattern confused you, there is no way you could have removed the stitches. So, then yes, transfer the stitches to the circular, then take the 12 stitches off the right hand side and onto a dpn.

Now go take a shower and get rid of all that mud!
Your the best Hendrika! Yes!...a shower is in order :lol:
I'm glad to be of help. One hand helps the other, I'm going to make this pattern for my new granddaughter who is two weeks old today. I didn't know what to make and then you came along with this cute pattern, so it is I who thank you. Please post a picture when your project is done, I'd love to see it.
Hello I'm now working on same pattern since I'm prego with first child and I'm stuck at row 22 it says end with 74 but I'm not getting that number.. after increases from 6&7rep I ended with 126 then knitted together the stitches from left needle and dpn and worked round increases and end with 120... I'm ending with 62...I'm lost :(
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