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Need help

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Hi I am new to this site and I have gotten myself in a situation that I need help. I am knitting a sweather without a pattern. I have picked up 130 st. aroung the armhole and know I need to do somekind of shaping but don't have any idea as to how many decreased of frequency of same. Can anyone help me? Easterisa
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I'm not sure what type of sweater you're making, but my suggestion would be to just knit away on what you have and hope they turn out kimono style :)
on a raglan sleeve its two stitches where it joins with the front and 2 where it joins with the back one is k2tog the other is ssk which means slip as to knit insert L needle into front of those two stitches and knit every other row. so that would mean you would be decreasing 8 stitches, Good luck and happy knitting:) Kaju
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