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Hi. My name is Lynn Phipps. I have a son by the name of Charlie, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. He told me that the last time he was deployed to Afghanistan, he lived with his feet being cold all the time in the winter. I am knitting wool socks for him, but I would also like to send socks to all the men in his unit. As I am relatively new to sock knitting, I cannot knit enough socks for roughly 200 men. If you are able to help, Lion Brand Yarn has a Sock- ease yarn that will make one pair of socks. They only have the color 'Marshmallow', but it can be dyed. The guys can only have olive drab, Khaki tan or black. Rit dye has a formula page on their website. I would greatly appreciate any help given. I have a friend who will help dye the socks sent to me, and also have a group that will help me send them to the boys. Thank you in advance to all who are able to help. My address is as follows: (address removed)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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