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New and looking for adult cable knit hat pattern

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Hi, does anyone have a cable knit hat pattern for adults?? I would like to use up scraps. Thanks
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Is knitting with cables a reference to using circular needles? Thanks.-Dave
there are so many easy cable hat patterns online. lionbrand yarn website has 100's of free patterns for example. is another site you can explore. i recently did a slouchy cable hat pattern for my granddaughter but changed the pattern somewhat--it was so easy. is another site with several hat patterns.

all of the major yarn mftrs seem to have sites with free patterns.

what i often do is type into the search bar what i am looking for; ie, "knitting cable hat patterns free" or something of that nature. you will be amazed at how many free patterns there are online.

needless to say, if you want to purchase patterns, there are even more to chose from.

knock yourself out exploring.

you may have to join to download the free patterns but it's free to'll find a bunch...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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