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New baby girl

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Hi everyone. A few days ago I posted that I was going to be in the delivery room with my daughter. My 4th grandchild was born last nite at 6 pm. She went into labor at 4 and delivered 2 hours later. Went really fast....for me, not so sure for mom :)
Anyway, baby and mom are doing great. It was a real miracle to experience. Jael weighed in at 8 lb 10 oz.
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Congratulations to all. Wishing the new baby a life of health, happiness and safety.
Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild.

congratulations! I've been present for 2 of my 4 grandchildren's births. It is the most exciting thing I've ever been through! And I used to be a nursery nurse-always went to the high risk deliveries. I always said I never tired of the deliveries, but my own grandchildren, well that is something else! Cherish and love them.
They are the best! As good as people tell you, its even better. This was a real thrill that I will never forget. Amazing how your heart grows to love them all equally.
Congrats to all - our second grandchild (a girl) is expected around Valentine's Day - it's getting close!
Congratulations Pamk. Wow that was a fast labour and quite a big baby too! Thank you for sharing your joy and happiness with your KP family!! Love and best wishes ahead to you and your family. :)
Congratulations,how wonder for you all,hope mum and daughter are doing well.
Congratulations,how wonderful for you all,i hope mum and daughter are doing well.
Congratulations, grand children are special.
Congratulations on the arrival of Jael. It must have been a wonderful experience being there on her arrival. We are expecting grandchild number 2 tomorrow afternoon but we will not be there for the birth.
Congratulations Pam. My daughter was 46 on the 20th. Love. Gee
Congratulations on both counts, the new grandchild and witnessing the birth!
congratulation on the new addition and what a wonderful experience for you.
great news that all went well & a good size healthy baby, maybe will see a picture soon!
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