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(((((((( Sure........leg warmers can be surfed for using:

easy knit leg warmer pattern

.........You decide the size, as you didn't say what it is or I would have surfed for you, and there are some darling ones for young girls, too.

I have a great pattern for a knit, hanging, buttoned hand towel + the matching cloth done in two skeins of ww cotton. This pattern is ye 'ole granny's cloth pattern where the cloth part is made wider then into a hand (hanging) towel by picking up the stitches on the sides, etc.....choosing the botton is my fav part of this project! LOL!! It's made on the diagonal.

If you want that pattern, send me a private message though this forum, include your e-mail addres, too and I'll get it to you + it has a pic.

I'll trick up the e-mail with some music to you, also. Tell me what your fav song it and I might have it in my extensive Incredimail styles box folders. @@


meiwong said:
Hello My name is Mei Ling Wong and i live in WA state. I am a mostly blind knitter. I can see just s bit if I hold my knitting an inch or so from my face in very dimm lighting so bsically I mostly knit by feel. I have made one scarf and one hat. I am only using circular needles. Are there any other blind or vision impaired knitters in this group? I am trying to decide what would be a good next project for a new knitter to take on. I am interested in making some leg warmers. Does anyone have any leg warmer patterns for beginngers? Any other ideas or recommendations for a new kniiter? This looks like a great group of people. I am happy to have joined.
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