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New Coat of Many Colors from the workshop

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I just finished the coat of many colors I knitted in the workshop we are just winding down.
If you are interested in seeing what is happening and what other workshops are scheduled, check out

I started this new managed section about a month ago and we have a sock workshop, nonfelted slipper, coat of many colors underway , with a crochet stashbuster bag as well as my waterfall top, starting soon.

For 2013 - we will be teaching magic loop and toe up socks, and a crochet project where we will learn different stitches and combinations in a project.

We are also organizing a basic lace shawl where you will learn how to read a chart and you be helped step by step.

ps. there is also a permanent information file with tips , some pictures and helpful ideas-


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THANKS LADIES> I Have decided to do a crochet crab stitch down the front edges and across the bottom to match the finishing on the neck.

I am quite happy with it. I hope you will finish yours. You can do a lot of adjusting neck
sizes, and other slight differences in lengths by your blocking . just hang in there and if you have a problem post and let me know. This takes awhile to knit a sweater and we have been working at it pretty steadily. I do find though if I put it down without working at least a bit of each day - It takes me ages to bring myself to finish it. so go for it ladies.
Thanks Ronie -- I am just giving out the section link - not the workshop links so everyone coming in will see what we have in the works.


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I rarely wear these colors but do like the way it turned out. It is my own design and if you note the bottom half is knitted sideways the the yoke attached to the row stitches. The workshop is still open so drop by and see what we are doing. Designer
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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