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Greetings from NH! Gee it's been frigid lately here - guess we're the new Arctic circle. lol

Been knitting for the past 7 or so years steadily; first learned around age 8 from my mother (she used to both knit and crochet).
Got back into knitting because I joined a medieval recreationist group called the Society for Creative Anachronism and knitting is a huge thing. Now my knitting goes EVERYWHERE with me - not kidding. Boyfriend has learned to accept it. :) (of course, he's also benefitted some from it - although I do still owe him a

I also own a spinning wheel, just haven't had time to really sit down and work with it. Hopefully this summer will allow for it.

I have 3 cats, two of which could care less about the "strings" and one who likes to try to walk off with the end of whatever I happen to be working on. :) Also have a horse.
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