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new gal here

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hhi my name is anne and this is my first time on the board hope to learn lots of new knitting as i'm only a biginner anyoone have a pattern for a beret
thank-you anne
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Welcome Anne from Rae in NC. I bet you can find a free pattern online...ton's of patterns are available. Here is just one of them
whAT SIZE? Child or Adult? What weight yarn. Made a childs few yrs ago. Lion brand has a bulky adult pattern. I think I even have an infant one in anOLD book/
hi its the new gal from queensland in Aussie just saying thank-you to all you lovely ladies who replied to my query about beret patterns,this is great and i think i'm going to really enjoy being on this forum site and hopefully improve my knitting as i seem to do a lot of sewing !!!

thank-you gals
hello thank-you for your reply,i was looking for a adult pattern for the beret dont know what they call it in the u.s but here in aussie we call it 8 ply wool ??? :) kind of standard i guess thanks again
hi gals ,can i knit a beret with just straight needles as i havent attemped the circular ones yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is hope for me Yet
thanks anne :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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