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Hi my name is Lesley and Ive waited until I reached the age of 52 before I learnt to knit!!!!!! what have I been missing I am now a confirmed addict, I am self taught so need lots of help and have been pickin up hints and tips of the internet so any helpful pointers will be gratefully received. Happy Knitting everyone :D
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Hi Lesley,
I too just joined here and just taught myself to knit n the past year. I find so many wonderful tutorials on you tube. I must say I wish I had picked up the needles years ago cause I just love it!
Happy knitting to you
Hi! I need a simple adult afghan pattern to make one for my son...Any ideas???
I'm knitting one for my boyfriend that's simple but comes out looking very nice. Here's the pattern for the basic stitch:
Just knit up a small sample with the yarn and needles you're going to use to get your gauge and then multiply to get the size you want. (If you don't know what I mean, ask). The pattern I'm using also instructs to knit the first 5 stitches on each row to make a garter stitch border. I'm knitting it with 2 strands of yarn together and it feels like it will be nice and warm!
Welcome....I'm not a new knitter, but did put down the needles for a lot of years and never did get past the k & P knitting when I did it. We have lot's of wonderful helpers on this site to help us when we need's great! : )
Welcome to the forum!

I just started to knit in the past few months and am still learning, and i'm over fourty!! :)

Myra in Alabama
Hi Lesley, be proud of yourself for learning something new. My mom & 2 sisters were avid knitters but I never had the patience to just sit & learn till the first time my husband went over seas (Air Force) I bought a learn how to knit book, set of needles and 1 skein of yarn. Picked a simple yeah, not, pattern for a scarf. knit and ripped till that yarns was shreds but learned how to do it. When my mom was in her 80's she lived with us and I taught her to crochet. You're just never to old to learn.
Hi lesley, Im new to this forum but I have been knitting for over 30 yrs. I also taught myself. I borrowed a childrens learn to knit book from our libary and taught myself to knit when having my first baby. Now I'm knitting for my grandchildren. I have found a lot of free knitting patterns on the web. Some very easy other more complicated. I mostly do my knitting when on night shift at our local hospital. Enjoy your new found skill. Cheers Sybil
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