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My mother gave me this poem many years ago. Only a person that crochets will appreciate it.

The Rhyme of the Stitches

If you who are dispairing
Because you can’t crochet
Well kindly give attention
I’ll try & show the way;
First, take a spool of cotton
And hook of proper size
And make a chain of stitches
In manner of this wise!

With thread upon your needle
Tied there with knot secure
You have the first loop ready
A goodly start, I’m sure.
Now put your thread once over
And catch it with the hook.
Draw thru the loop on needle
You have one chain, just look!

Once you have learned this process
The rest you make with ease;
And now we’ll try a treble,
So simple, if you please.
With one loop on your needle
The thread o’er hook you throw
In work your hook you enter
And over once more go.

Draw through & see three stitches
On needle, side by side;
Now over goes your thread again
And hook through two must glide.
Then over & through two again
And now it is complete.
Behold, our stately treble,
‘Twas but a simple feat.

Should you wish to make a double,
Insert your hook so true
And continue as for treble
With two stitches to draw through
And next we’ll have the single
‘Tis easy to begin it;
Put hook in work,
Take one thread up
And draw through both that minute.

To make a treble-half or short,
Get first the stitches three
Then put your thread once over
And draw through all you see.
For triple, o’er three times
And here we have the stitches
We need in merry rhymes.

Now good friends, take a copy
Of our latest needlecraft
And with these few directions
Just try & make a draft
From paper into lovely lace
You’ll see some patterns grow,
And all your sad and bitter thoughts,
Like fleeting clouds will go.

Published in Augusta, ME
Needlecraft Magazine
July 1924

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Teeple said:
Welcome really enjoyed the poem. Had an aunt who tried to teach me, can do a single chain. I was not interested enough at that time, sorry now. Happy crocheting.

Mary in NC
Thanks Mary. I have crocheted since I was ten. You are never too old to learn. I got a book on teaching a child to knit. It had big illustrations, simple instructions. I was knitting and purling in no time. I was already retired when I took it up!! If you see some patterns you like, learn to crochet!
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