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New idea for KFB

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Just in case you missed this in your email today...
Here is today's blog from Knitting Nuances. She is suggesting a better way to knit the KFB increase that will eliminate that little purl bump. This looks like a great idea!
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Thank you Desert Purl for adding this here. I've been meaning to blog about it for a while but I really wanted to figure out why it worked first so I could explain it to everyone. Laura (from Knitting Nuances
Yes. That's just to reorient the stitch. It's a similar idea to slip slip knit decrease.

If you are a continental knitter that traps their purls, this is how the stitch sits normally which is how I started working the increase this way.
Samettler -
There is no cost to follow blogs. It is easy to 'follow' anyones blog. There is usually a button that says "Follow" and you get the emails.
sonialyne and homesweethome - I have updated the blog post with verbal step-by-step instructions. See if that helps. I like the idea of a mini video. I'm on the road but will work on it!
Thanks for the feedback.
samettler - Hi. I am not sure what's up with that. We've had almost 200 people start following the blog just today without that. I will try to replicate and sign up from my sister's computer when I go visit her tomorrow.
Nice! I love that you knit this comparison. I have not tried the slip version, so I will try that one too.
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