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New idea for KFB

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Just in case you missed this in your email today...
Here is today's blog from Knitting Nuances. She is suggesting a better way to knit the KFB increase that will eliminate that little purl bump. This looks like a great idea!
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I just finished the raglan part of a top down pullover I'm knitting and used the regular kfb for the increases. Wish I'd seen this first--I would have tried the increase kbf. Good idea. Thanks for sharing. Aloha... Bev
crispie said:
Thanks; I am going to try that also. Although, I must confess, I often use that "bump" to count as I "read" my st patterns.
I, too, use the "bump" to count as I read my stitch pattern, most recently in knitting a top down pullover with the raglan increases every other round. Using the kbf version, I don't know, short of pencil and paper, how to do that. I'll have to try the kbf on a swatch and see if I can read it. Aloha... Bev
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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