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New Kitchen and Cooking Word Game.

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This game asks for words that are associated with cooking or the kitchen.

I'll it start with

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Chilly here as well today though we haven’t lit the wood burner yet. We’ve got quite a bit of firewood but will need to order some more. I remember last winter, Molly loved to sit in front of the fire in her bed. It was so hard to put wood in while she was sitting there, refusing to budge.
Carrot soup sounds lovely, especially on a cold day. Will there be a crusty bread roll as well, yum.
Did make some lovely rolls on Sunday, my usual recipe but we made them a bit bigger. We got 16 rolls instead of 24, used my bread machine to make the dough. They were very yummy! I should share some with Jan but they may be a bit on the stale side by the time they arrive! lol
Yes Jan, I agree with you and Sue —- postage is terrible everywhere!

Do hope the snow doesn't come again Bonnie, but we just can't rely on the weather can we, we here in UK have even had snow in June, I remember it well when my boys were little and we were about to go on holiday !! Luckily it didn't settle and it doesn'toccur very often thank goodness.
As for Easter, I sent for some little bags with Easter decorations on them, and my little grands will get one each filled with a small egg and a fluffy chick or Bunny for the girls and an egg and a small truck or car for the boys, then put some £'s in a card to give to their parents to put in the kids accounts.
Pleased to how well Scotys doing Sue, very good news .
Everything seems to be gone up in price. My youngest daughter doesn't seem to like the idea that I opened up bank acct. for the kids. Gracie and her Mom thinks that it was a great idea. Often times the kids toys are more money than I want to spend at one time. By putting the money in the acct. it can grow. Grace only used her acct. on items that she really wanted at the time. The item she wanted this time was $300. Never would I have spent that much money on a one-time gift. But she had enough money in her acct. from the past. She was so happy that she can get what she wants. It is her money, I am so glad that it worked out for her.

PS Jan I would very much like to know the easy way to put on compression socks. I should be wearing them, but I don't because to me they are a pain to put on.
For you Ann, how to put your socks on.
Push your hand, palm facing upwards ,to the toe.
Grab the top of the leg part and ease it up to the toe, but when the heel gets to your thumb stop ,the heel will show, now ease the sock round your foot till the heel is in place, -- now grab the top of the sock and pull it and roll it up your leg.
I do hope you can understand my instructions Ann, practice makes perfect.

Gracie is a very sensible young lady, she's saved her gift money and now can afford the present she wants, good on her I say.
Great instructions for compression stockings Jan! My newer ones go on easier than my old ones. Yes, it is nice that the kids/grandkids learn to save to buy a “big want”! Bailey and Drake save their money and if there is something that they really “want/need” they have their bank accounts. It does make them realize that “money doesn’t grow on trees”! Good for Gracie, very sensible young lady Ann! 🥰
Sue, that is wonderful that Scoty is getting along so well after his surgery. Like you, I worry about tripping or falling.

Having a late breakfast this morning as I didn’t get up until 9.30, keep it a secret though :unsure: :LOL:
I’ve got a bowl of muesli with milk, a dollop of yoghurt and a chopped up plum. Really nice plums that I got in my grocery delivery the other day. I don’t think I mentioned it, the delivery was supposed to be delivered between 4 & 5 but the truck broke down on route. Another one had to come out which didn’t arrive until 9 pm but at least we got it.
I always wonder about grocery delivery as far as getting fresh produce. I went shopping today. The store has somewhat reasonable prices with a meat dept. where I can get my sizes that I want, that's why I went there in the first place. Anyway, I picked up a bag of cut greens. After a while sometimes when I have a bag of greens in the refrigerator. The greens will turn mushy and watery. There was a worker nearby, I told her I haven't even gotten home with the lettuce and look at it. She said that looks terrible and took the bag off the shelve. Sometimes my berries don't last very long in the refrigerator either I need to use them up in a week or throw them out.
For you Ann, how to put your socks on.
Push your hand, palm facing upwards ,to the toe.
Grab the top of the leg part and ease it up to the toe, but when the heel gets to your thumb stop ,the heel will show, now ease the sock round your foot till the heel is in place, -- now grab the top of the sock and pull it and roll it up your leg.
I do hope you can understand my instructions Ann, practice makes perfect.

Gracie is a very sensible young lady, she's saved her gift money and now can afford the present she wants, good on her I say.
Thanks Jan, I am going to make a copy of what you wrote and need to get myself a new pair of socks. find out if this helps my legs.
Just pick up the phone and complain to the store if I’m not happy with anything. They give you an instant store credit, no questions asked. I’m usually happy with the quality, the only fruit I don’t order is bananas which I like to pick myself. I rarely order meat apart from the healthy heart beef mince as our local independent store has great meat and is usually a lot cheaper than the supermarkets. Rump steak is $19.95 a kilo whereas at the big supermarkets it can be nearer $30 a kilo. Also pork steaks are $16.99 local and so tender whereas the supermarkets are around $25 a kilo and usually chewy.
Keeping the local stores happy, I did shop at the one of the bigger supermarkets today. I really don't know why, I wanted to buy instant butterscotch pudding for the past two and half weeks. Our local grocery store didn't have it. Try the other stores in our area Wall-mart, Kwik-trip, Family General I wasn't having any luck the shelves were empty. Today I found the pudding and bought four boxes. I also was able to get a small bottle of buttermilk which I want to make banana bars which calls for buttermilk. Sometimes I need to venture out of my city to find what I want. We have been eating senior meals twice a week. This really has helped with the grocery bill. We are getting a variety in our diet with the senior meals. Art just isn't one for left-overs. For me it is really getting hard to cut back when I make a meal. At least with the senior meals we are getting a very nutritious meal and a variety.
Long day, soon off for some zzz’s. I haven’t ordered groceries for delivery except for “dry goods” from Costco for the last three years. I have been going to a few local stores for milk, eggs, fruit, veg and meat. Sure was a late delivery Sue, good if you have any problems with your order they take care of you right away. Some items are harder to find than others Ann and like you when I can‘t find something and finally am lucky enough to locate the item, I tend to stock up, just in case. Glad you found your butterscotch pudding! Yummy!!
I saw a reel in Instagram about strawberrpies. Apparently, you bring them home, wash them, DO NOT hull them, dry them off and put them in glass canning jars and screw the lids on, put them in the fridge and they are supposed to last at least two weeks! I’m going to try it when our berries come out in June! Also, they say if you wrap your celery in aluminum foil and the same with head lettuce after you knock the bottom off they last for approximately three weeks or longer. I do the celery all the time and it works. I’m lucky, Jim loves leftovers! We have takeout on Saturday as we have not gone back to eating in the restaurant yet. I have been twice to eat out —- once in the States with Carrie and once with my girlfriend for my birthday. I was very anxious both times, not sure why? Sue, glad to hear that you were able to sleep in today, you must have needed it! Breakfast sounds yummy!

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Many Moons Ago, our shut down was three years ago, on St. Patty's Day. I think we are safe Bonnie. So many of us had our vaccinations for Covid, at least Art & I are up to date with our shots. If you happen to get Covid at least they know what to do now. People aren't dying from it. You must do what you are comfortable doing. Tomorrow, I have a busy day I have a dermatologist appointment in the morning and in the afternoon, I need to have hearing aids adjusted. I really can't hear everything that I want to hear.
New hints for keeping strawberries, lettuce and celery fresh, thanks Bonnie. Do you take the bottom stump off the lettuce too. I remember being told never to use a steel knife to cut it off as it turns the lettuce brown. We enjoy leftovers, especially from a roast meal, I turn it into bubble and squeak with added mashed potatoes and shredded cabbage.
Glad you managed to find the butterscotch pudding, yum. We have them here, there’s a range made by Betty Sydney. Chocolate, date, fruit, butterscotch and golden syrup. Handy to have in the cupboard, especially the size.
Ann, you are going to have a busy day tomorrow, hope the weather is kind to you.
Oh, I just heard the sad news that Paul O’ Grady has passed away. He was such a terrific person, I loved his Battersea Dogs home tv series. He’s going to be really missed.
Plenty of tears this morning for the wonderful Paul O’Grady who sadly died yesterday. My friend texted me this morning to let me know as I have knitted over 100 dog/cat blankets for Battersea. I emailed him a while back when he still had his sunday teatime show on Radio 2. Sadly I didn’t get a request but i always listened to his show while making the tea. He will be sorely missed. I watch This Morning and cried while they spoke about him and showed clips of his battersea programme. I feel like I have lost someone close. RIP.

It’s pouring with rain this morning and I have a health check at the drs this afternoon. Just need to lose one stone before then.

Catch up later.

Quick check in, lol! I actually slept in this morning —- a whole 1/2 hour!! Sue, you must have been encouraging me! Thanks, I really needed it. lol Just out of the shower and will get dressed at 7:30 as I need to go to two grocery stores that open at 8:00. It isn’t busy first thing in the morning! lol
Sue, you do take the core out — just give it a “good wack” on the edge of the kitchen counter and you should be able to pull the core out. I know for sure that the celery and lettuce trick works, can’t wait to try the strawberries. 🍓🍓
Ann, Jim and I are also both fully vaccinated —- just waiting for #7 to come out! lol
Our doctor did a “survey” on patients so she has Paxlovid available just in case her patients contract Covid. I hope we never need it. We still wear our masks when we go out. covid is still around here and sadly people are still dying from it. It is not reported on TV or in the paper now as the government doesn’t want to bother with it. Even my band friends meet in the park sitting 6+ feet apart from each other. I will probably join them this spring!
Sorry to hear about Paul O’Grady’s passing. May his memory be a blessing.
No rain or snow here yet! lol Seems not too cold outside but that can change in an instant! lol
Hope Joan and Jeannie are okay, welcome back Sandra. Have a wonderful day everyone and good luck getting your hearing aids adjusted Ann, you don’t want to miss any conversations! lol

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Righto Bonnie, I’ll remember to give my next lettuce a good whack, haha. You are an early bird at the grocery stores but at least you aren’t held up by crowds. I remember when I used to drop my daughters off at school, I always went to the shops straight afterwards and they were pretty quiet then. That’s sad that Covid is still around so much and that some people have passed away from it. As you say, the government doesn’t tell us the figures anymore, it’s the same here.
Sandra, yes, it was heartbreaking to hear of Paul’s sudden passing. He always looked so fit and looked after himself so well. I wonder what will happen to his little dogs now, did he have a partner ?

Some info on Paul O‘Grady. Jeremy Vine dedicated 30minutes of his programme to Paul. So sudden and I feel so sad about it.

Thanks for the info Sandra, he led a very colourful life at times. I’m glad he’s got a husband to take control of all the animals. They say, only the good die young and he was a very good man
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