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New knitter and spinner from S.E. Georgia

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I'm sort of new to knitting, kind of like the person from Va Beach, Va. I'm originally from Chesapeake, Va. I hadn't picked up knitting needles in over 40 years and then about a year ago I decided, since it's on my bucket list, I'd better get to work! I also crochet, quilt, and sew a minimal amount. I love crafts of all kinds. I acquired a drop spindle for Christmas and spun my first Alpaca wool a couple of nights ago. It's really fun and more relaxing than I could have imagined. Almost as relaxing as knitting!
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oooooh, i'm so envious.....i have wanted to spin for the longest time, i even have some drop spindles, but have just never made the time to make myself do it......gonna have to start that bucket list for myself!!! glad to have you....welcome....
Thank you for your kind words of welcome! spinning is easier than you think, but the secret is having the correct roving (wool) to spin with especially as a beginner. I purchased some lovely Alpaca from a lady in Michigan and spun it immediately! I was shocked, since I had tried spinning with Merino, which is very soft and silky...only for the experts to spin! If you would like the info on where I purchased the roving, please let me know and I will see that you get it. Blessings to you and don't give up on spinning. You'll love it!
i recently bought a little kit, instruction book, roving, etc., so am going to see if i can get has been really inspirational as there are so many spinners who have taken time to record for us newbies....each one seems to have a new detail to add to the general knowledge so i'm hopeful....
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