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I have been a knitter for more then 20 yrs.. I like the fact that technology has allowed me to make new friends, share ideas and exchange yarn patterns.
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Hi Mary,
Welcome! I am also from NJ and a new memeber!
I too am from NJ. Recently retired from teaching (high school math) and I am trying to teach myself to knit. This seems like it will be a helpful site.
i just joined today also !! i'm sure we are really going to like this site!
Welcome Grandma 26,
I'm also a new member & from NW Jersey.
Do you think we'll ever see Spring?
Welcome! I also live in New Jersey and am so anxious for Spring. Knitting is fine in the winter, but you can't beat getting out in the garden.
Wow, look at all of us from The Garden State !! Welcome !
Hi CM,
I sure hope so!! I love the snow but I've had enough!!
WOW lots of NJ knitters!! Hello to all!!

I have been knitting for a while but over the last few years wasn't doing very much with it, then this past summer I found a wonderful local yarn shop and was welcomed in like an old lost friend!! Ever since then I can't knit or crochet fast enough.

How many days until spring??
Well no snow this am...THAT'S DIFFERENT! We had about 4 + yesterday but no ice or I live in Warren about you? Happy Knitting & maybe sometime soon I can say Happy GaRDENING.
Good Morning to you too!
I live in Bergen county and we got 4". We were supposed to get another inch last night but it missed us.

I really want Spring to get here or at least no more snow, but not sure if I will get my wish!!
I live in Warren County also. Glad to see there was no more snow this morning. Had a good 5 inches yesterday. I want sun and dry ground. The dogs make a mess of my floors everytime they go out.
Me Too!! I don't mind the cold but I asm tired of feeling wet and cold!! lol
Ha...just wait till the meltdown and then all the MUD...
where about in Warren Co? I live outside of Hackettstown in Port Murray. Carol
Just down the road in Washington. I used to crochet BK(before kids). Now that I am retired I took up crocheting again and am trying to teach myself to knit. I read they have knitting at the Franklin Branch of the library. Have you ever gone there?
Hi. I'm a knitter and crocheter from good old Wisc. Just joined the site and am looking forward to some good tips and patterns form the other crafty ladies. I actually taught myself how to do knitting and crocheting , because I am left-handed and was difficult for my Mom to teach me. I have made quite a few items iver the past years
I can't believe you live in Wash....I actually live in Port Murray...I went 2 wks ago to Library knitting group...very nice...wanted to go today but got sidetracked with new computer issues. They are a nice group and are very helpful. Not beginners like us. I don't know how to crochet and have only made scarves when I knit. I've had alot of scarf days with all the snow days we've had.
Maybe we know each other alreADY? Do go to the Knit Group on Tues. Carol will love the site and meet alot of new friends. If you have any ?'s or need help you'll get it immediately. I'm a new knitter & need alot of help.
Are you snowed in? If so knitting sure helps.
Happy Knitting! Carol
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