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I am new to this website but love knitting. I have two different projects going at this time. I am not experienced but can knit, purl, yo, knit 2 together. That is about all I can do at this point. My mom is a great help in teaching me some of the stitches that I need to do to make different things. I am currently working on a scarf and an aghan. The pattern I have for the afghan is one that my mom has had for years. It is a zig zag pattern and made in stripes. It is really easy. Again, thanks for all the info that I am learning from this website. You all are such a big help.
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Thank you. If you have any really easy patterns, I would be interested in seeing them. I have knitted for years but always went with the simple stuff. Again, thanks.
while knitting can be easy it isnt as fast as crocheting. Dont get flustered. You will be making beautiful things some day. Good luck.

here is a great site that allows you to search for new patterns to try that are sorted by the stitches used in them....try a few rows, check it out....and be sure to bookmark the site...
Thanks for the info. I will check it out.
Hi I have knited for years and had stoped for a few years while quilting making some money at it. I am back cause of a new great grand child a girl. Making a baby sweater and hat, botties and gloves for her. I have had problems with it and had to rip out all of it, but I am not giving up. I now have the sides and back all done. doing the sleeves now. It is a pattern that is done all in one that is the fronts and back is knitted from the bottom up. I have never done one like it. Always had to do the parts one at a time. I love this site it is far better than any other so far. Great to be here. Hello everyone. Have a great day tomarrow. God Bless you all.
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