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This book has general Abbreviations, uk terms and US terms
Sizes and tension to metric and imperial, needle sizes in metric, US and imperial
standard yarn weights.
Adapting patterns for use with circular needles.
Blocking and sewing up seams.
Button holes,tassels, pompoms and cords.
9 sweater patterns.
These are all the patterns they show you how to do.
Busy bee ,bumble bee boogie,citrus zest,up and away,fuzzy bunnies,jump jets,so sunny, summer sorbet,Incan mystery,

Tank tops and or vests.. 11 paterns,
surfs up, zigzag stripes, green fingers, life's a beach, butterfly band and so much more.

Cardigans and waistcoats, 4 patterns
Hats and scarves and mitts. Some hats and scarves patterns and 1 with all three.

Booties socks and bags
3 patterns for baby booties. 1 pattern for socks (Do they look warm)1 pattern for leg warmers and 1 bag pattern.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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