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New Sections!!!!

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Hello Knitters,

I wanted to let you know that I have added 2 new sections!!!

There is a "Health" section -

and a "In Memory Of" section -

I will be adding rules soon, I just wanted to communicate that we have new sections to explore. Any covid related topics can now go into the health section, please do so in a tasteful way, If I see any topics that get out of hand, off to the attic they go.

It's time to get Knitting Paradise to a place where all members feel like this is a community again. Too many nasty arguments have been posted and this is why I came to the decision of closing the Solarium. All members should be able to go to all the sections without fear ridicule, there has been a huge divide on the site and that has to come to on end. I do not want to hear any naming calling like attic people, batty's verses the solarium group, thats enough of that. All members should feel at home here in every section.

The attic is meant for controversial topics, if you want to have a good debate thats fine, respect is key and there will be no name calling.

I have also made changes to the rules in the picture section of the site. There were too many amazing pictures to exclude it to only knitting creations.

and finally I have updated the classified section, only one post per day and only one item please. If you are selling a punch of the same yarn that is considered to be one item. It's kind of difficult to start a project with just one.

Well that's it for site updates, more to come stay tuned :)

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Thank you so much for the information. I love this site and hate to see everyone picking at each other. This should go a long way toward that not happening any longer. Thanks again!
So glad to see these changes. I too feel the meanness that has crept into KP recently and I applaud your attempts to keep this our "happy place" for everyone. Thank you for what you are doing. jberg
I have just been a lurker for a long time. Looks like Adm is seriously making some good changes. I just may come out of the woodwork again. Thank you Adm for the 2 new sections.
I hope that all will be welcome and that we can enjoy all opinions in a respectful manner.

Thank you.
Is it true that no new members are being accepted?
The system is broken and its not an easy fix by all means, that being said my techs are working on it and when it is fixed I will make that announcement on the site for all to know.

Thank you all for your kind words :)

Thanks Admin. Surely as adults we can agree to disagree without nastiness & name calling
Thanks Admin.
Thank you for the new sections and for reiterating wanting to get this site back to where everyone feels comfortable. I can only say for myself that I've felt comfortable here since I joined and everyone has always been so helpful. Again thank you, as bettyirene said, for the "head-up". Have a great day...Judy :)
Thank you Admin for all your hard work and for getting KP back on track of being a really good friendly craft and chat site , I look forward to seeing your improvements and hopefully seeing new members being allowed to join again soon
Thank you, Admin.
Thank you! I may return to regular status again,I used to enjoy this site..joined in 2011, when everyone was pleasant.
Thanks ..that's very good to know.
Thank you. It will be good to keep up on covid around the world without politics creeping in.
Thank you for these thoughtful changes and hopes that they bring the desired results!
Thank you :sm24:
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