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nittineedles said:
I knit this from a vintage pattern my customer found amongst her grandmother's things. Her grandmother, who passed away 20 years ago, had originally knit this family heirloom. My customer sent it to a dry cleaner and it came back totally destroyed.
You Rock! ! !
I, too, was sick to my stomach when I saw the mess they made of the original. But, as others have said, who would think to dry clean something like that. I have a piece of lace with a scene in it that I framed. It's very old and when I found it, it was very dirty and stained. My mother washed it by hand and put it on a towel in the sun to dry. The sun actually bleached out the yellow color from the fabric. Looks fabulous. I've done that with other items since then with the same good results.
Just FYI :wink:
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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