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new to knitting

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I have just started my 1st day fo knitting and hope to be knitting a lot. have never in all my years have i done anything like this. My mother was awsome with any type of needles and hooks, I just never took the time to learn as much as she tryed to get me started soooo here I am 61 and just learning a art that I should have learned from my mother so to pass on to my grand daughter
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Hello back to flordia, how long have you been knitting? All of this looks so beautiful with the different patterns and I will hopefully be able to knit them. Have a good work week
You're never to old to learn how to knit..Good luck and stay with it. I also taught my mother too,althought she doesn't knit now, but she rather paint.
if you find you need visual help, go to in the white search box there, type 'knitting basics'..... there will be lots to choose from so watch a few to find a teacher who's on your wavelength... there are many videos of varying quality.... good luck and please remember this is for fun.... when it gets to be frustrating, time to take a break... enjoy....
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