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Newbie from Shaker Heights, Ohio

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Hi All;
I got started on crochet while my girls had the flu a month ago to use my time in a better way (sure beats cleaning!). I've wanted to do this for sentimental reasons bc I remember my grandmother always crocheting things for the family.

Regarding gauge and patterns... I want to make my girls ponchos using lighter cotton or viscose/bamboo, etc. Most of the patterns use chunky WOOL yarn (BULKY gauge), and I don't know how to convert the patterns.

Any suggestions for where I can either find a summer pattern (they're 9 and 6) or how to convert a pattern using BULKY to a lighter gauge?

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Crochet Pattern Central has some decent patterns, but only one with a lighter yarn.

To make a bigger size (above 6) do I just increase by the number of stitches they list for the other bigger sizes?
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