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Newborn ear flap hat

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Think this would make a great photo prop or just for keeping the little one's ears warm!


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Thank you! Was fun to make inspite of having to frog several times to get top of hat to fit right.
That hat is so nice, But really, you got yarn at Tuesday Morning!!. I never saw yarn or any craft item there for sale. Could be a different kind of store. Mine has tons of toys, kitchen stuff, bath stuff ,a few clothes and holiday items.I have never run across yarn. Glad you got a good deal.
This is absolutely perfect for the hat I need to make for a baby shower next week!! Where can I find the pattern?
Patricia Ford
Your hat is beautiful! I would love to have the pattern also - [email protected]
Thank you and God bless.
All Tuesday Mornings carry different stuff - got this in a central Texas store.

To all who asked about pattern - will have to try to figure it out - was a trial and error hat and I didn't write anything down. Sigh!
thank you all!
A couple of questions, if you don't mind.
Did you start at the ears or the crown? Looks like a garter stitch at the bottom changing to a rib stitch on the crown, and then decreasing.
And Did you add the ear flaps at the end, or were they knit into the pattern to start.
ADORABLE! Can you send me the pattern please. Thanks and happy day!
would love to have the pattern, Please send to [email protected] Thank you.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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