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((((((((( Sure. Pop a search in for:

newsboy hat knitting machine pattern

......I'm sure there are several links to view.

Good luck!
jdhartman4 said:
Does anyone know how or how I can get instructions on knitting a newsboy cap on a knitting machine?

Oh, I'd be ever so grateful!

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Thank you! I found a pattern.

What a very cool pattern although right now I am stuck.

I am having trouble understanding how to make bill and attach.
Can any one help me interpret this better?

Bring needles to work position. Hang I-Cord #1 over needles. You will want to hang I-Cord 4 loops every 3 needles over the center= needles and 3 loops every 2 needles over the side needles. You should have a little bit of I -Cord on either side of the bed.
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