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that is how i was taught to knit, on pencils by my boy cousin over 40 years ago, he also taught me to crochet. So greatful for him doing that, his mother was a great crafter, quilting, sewing, and lots of every things, all 4 of her children was taught these crafts.
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I was talking to my daughter the other day and mentioned that I kept seeing posts for fancy knitting needles. I've been knitting for 50 years and told her that fancy things were nice, but if a person really wants to knit, they could knit with cheaper needles. She works for a drug/alcohol recovery place, and she said, "You're right, Mom. We had a patient who knitted. They took away her knitting needles because they were sharp and could be used as weapons. Later I saw a scarf she had knitted for another patient, but when I confronted her about having smuggled knitting needles, she told me she didn't have any. I told her I had SEEN a knitted scarf; she held up two pencils. She'd been knitting scarves with a pair of pencils." I just thought this was such a cool story about someone who is so addicted to knitting that she will knit with pencils!
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