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Noro Intralock Sweater Pattern

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Has anyone ever knitted this sweater? I would like to do another, but am not willing to fight the pattern. When I reached the left front shoulder finishing, the pattern was way off. It had no relationship at all to what was on the needle. Took me forever to figure it out, and then found that to finish the sleeves. the pattern sent me back to the left front shoulder. And I hadn't kept track. I complained to Noro distributer and was told that the sixty some European women who had knitted it for store displays had no problem with it. If you've knitted it with no problem, I'd like to hear about it.


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sometimes the worst experiences are tied to the best results.... this is lovely.... congratulations on being persistent enough to finish it...
That looks like you did a great job! I too am really bad at thinking I'll remember what I did and not making notes. Hope you wrote it down after the second time.
WoW! I am doing an entrelac vest without a pattern, just aking it up. It is similar to your sweater. I would love a pattern. Any Pattern! Please tell me how to get yours. Thanks.
The sweater is beautiful even if it was a pain to make. Good job!
Lord Have Mercy!! You are tenecious; Good Job!! You knitted a beauty.
Nice work!! Beautiful sweater.

Wow, this sweater is so beautiful, if I had knitted it, I would wear it every day and to bed every night too! :lol:
What a beautiful sweater. Sorry you had so much trouble with the pattern, but making it work certainly paid off. Helen
I just got a pattern for a Noro sweater that looks like the one you made. I have not started it yet, but hope that I don't have the same problems. There are 5 of these on display at my lys that were all made by a group class. I was told that it was a fairly easy pattern based on my knitting skills. Here's hoping:)
Stunning sweater!! And you did an awesome job!
I think I may have seen this sweater in a shop in Putnam ,Conn . called Woolworks. an I know that she carries Noro yarns. One of the girls there may be able to help you. She has a web site , blog an maybe facebook + phone #
That's gorgeous! I admire your patience! :thumbup:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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