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Oh! What a Night!!!

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I felt like the song from Jersey Boys last evening. What a night! I am very close to finishing a lace and cable afghan, just six more rows!! Of couse there are 296 stitches on the circular needles and for the first time in my life the cable broke. I worried all night that I would not be able to pick up all the stitches that were no longer on the cable. BUT with stitch holders and patience and of course a brand new size 15 circular set this morning I was able to get every one of those elusive stitches back onto the set.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Now I can sing "Oh What a Night" and be happy and not worried.
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Wow!!! You must have been so happy! My heart stops when I drop a couple lol

Lifelines are literally a lifesaver.
Glad you were able to save them all, that's a lot of stitches to lose.
Really! Oh, What A Night! Lucky you not to drop any of those stitches! Good job! that must have been a scare!! I probably would have said a few naughty words...out loud!! Glad you could save your work!!!
Whew!!!!! You must have been holding your tongue just right, had your toes crossed and been wishing on a lucky star.... If it had been me, I would have had to pick up what I could and then start tinking to be sure I had them all on the right way..... I'm definitely going to put a lifeline in when I work on my lace shawl!!! Six more row for you...... Will we see a picture?
What brand of circular needle was it that broke?
Wow, that would be a major challenge to stay calm. I just finished a shawl working with 269 stitches and would probably have cried if that had happened!
Yes I will post a picture when I get done and put the fringe on. This was my first time at working lace in an afghan. I thought that I would have to "ripit" but my husband kept encouraging me to have patience. He said...."honey, I know you, you can do this."
I don't remember the brand of needle, but I have now made up my mind to take the plunge and buy a really good set. I need all of you to make your recommendations.
I have never had a cable break on a needle, but I am glad to hear that you were able to pick up all of the stitches and not loose any. Great work.

I guess hubby was right, he knew you could.
You were very smart to wait until morning to pick up the stitches. If you had tried last night..., well too horrible to imagine. Good you have a supportive hubby!
Yes my bamboo needle broke when i was half way across a row,750 stitches,manged with great mumbles to get them all picked up,no more bamboo needles for me.
Your knitting angel was sitting on your shoulder just waiting for a job to do!
I can break so called unbreakable needles. Have you ever knitted a "feathers" scarf? If you drop a stitch you haven't a hope in Hades of finding it
oh lawsy that would have scared me too!..I have never had a cable break! Frankly I would not have been able to sleep. My Mother and Granny's old cables were a twisted wire..I still have one of them. But now I know that the cables can get old and wear out,I will be..ware! Ruth..first lace project I did was a feather and fan scarf...and i never started a project over from the beginning so many times in my life...
oh no! I would have ended up a complete wreck if it had happened to me. Well done with your recovery. What a lovely husband you must have. (Of course, mine's even better!) :)
So glad all worked out well! I think I will try to remember when things go badly to just put the item aside and come back the next day. I sort of do that anyway, but this is just a reminder that a fresh mind and body make a tough task easier. Hope to see finished product before too long.
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